Always the Current Trend in Fashion Jewelry

December 12th, 2011

I am a distributor for a well-known direct sales company that not only offers skin care, makeup, and fragrances but also the latest in fashion jewelry products. It amazes me a lot of times to see what is the current trend in jewelry items that are being offered for sale. While a lot of times (at first look) I don’t particularly care for the Fashion Jewelry then on sale, it somehow “grows on me” after seeing it on others sometime later. Then pretty soon I find myself actually wanting to buy the item I hadn’t particularly liked at first. For example, nowadays in our fashion jewelry section of our catalogs I’ve been seeing lots and lots of chain necklaces; sometimes there’s so many necklaces that are combined into one that it looks like it would be too heavy to even wear them. But that is just one of many trends that we see coming through now and that ladies seem to love because they sell like “hotcakes.”

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