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Spondylolistheis Treatment in Los Angeles

Spondylolisthesis is a condition where a bone in your back slides forward over the bone under it. It mostly occurs in the lower spine. This mostly leads to the nerve roots being squeezed. It can result to the deformity of the spine and a narrowing of the spinal canal or the comprehension of the exiting nerve roots.

Treatment for spondylolisthesis includes both non-surgical and surgical procedures for patients with an isthmic spondylolisthesis (similar to that of patients with low back pain and leg pain from other related spinal conditions). At the Los Angeles Spine Group, spinal expert Dr. Khurana provides treatment for a variety of back conditions and issues.

Spondylolisthesis Treatment Surgery

Treatment for Back Pain in LA

The mode of treatment that is adopted in Los Angeles includes use of medications for example acetaminophen or oral steroids that mostly reduces the rate of inflation in the area.

Heat of ice is applied around the area affected by the disease, it reduces the localized pain. Generally, ice is important in relieving pain or any discomfort after an activity that resulted to pain. Application of heat is highly recommended because It relaxes the muscles and improves the flow of blood and a conducive environment for healing.

Manual manipulation is applied from osteopathic doctors, physiatrists or other well trained health professionals. This helps in reducing pain by mobilizing dysfunction of painful joint.

They also employ stretching, whereby they start with stretching of the hamstring and progressing with time. Moreover, special attention should be paid during the stretch of the of the hamstring . They advise patients to practice the act twice a day in order to alleviate stress on the lower back. The program of the exercise should be controlled and then slowly increased with time.

Another method of spondylolisthesis treatment in Los Angeles is called spinal fusion; it is mostly done to offer stability. In fusion, a piece of bone is transplanted to the back of the spine. During the healing of the bone, it fuses with the spine to create a solid mass of bone; this keeps the spine in motion and stabilizes it.

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Spondylolisthesis treatment in Los Angeles will help keep back and abdominal muscles strong to help you keep support and make the lower back stable. One is advised to choose activities that will not place your lower back at risk for injury.

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