Prostate Cancer And Your Diet – Foods To Avoid

There is a growing amount of scientific evidence and research suggesting that diet and nutrition play a critical role in the genesis and progression of many diseases. While a clean, green diet will not always protect one from disease any more than an unhealthy one will necessarily lead every one to get sick, the message seems to be clear – eat better, feel better, and potentially live longer.


In cases of cancer in particular, taking a sensible and proactive approach to personal health through diet can often have an impact on how well patients recover and respond to treatment, and whether they get sick in the first place in some cases.

Prostate Cancer – Common Foods To Avoid

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Fatty Foods

While certain “good fats” – such as the kind found in fish, avocados, and nuts are an important part of a healthy, well-balanced diet, research suggests that a diet higher in fat can potentially increase the risk of developing prostate cancer. The safest option is to keep the fish and ditch higher fat products like excessive dairy and certain oils.

Red Meat

An occasional burger or steak is fine – but studies suggest that cutting back on red meat is an important step in fighting prostate cancer. Overcooking meat in particular can increase the risk for developing prostate cancer.

Too Much Alcohol

The occasional wine or beer is fine – but moderate alcohol consumption is the best approach for a healthy diet and cancer prevention.

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